Three Squared currently has over 272 million in projects slated across North America. Some of our featured projects include:

Current Three Squared Inc. Projects

Exceptional Green Living on Rosa Parks. Our Model Center on Trumbull begins construction in March 2015 and will be opened in May 2015. City officials in the Detroit Planning & Development Department are excited for this project and we will open our doors to begin pre-selling the units to our Rosa Parks, Kaline, Pine and Cochrane projects multi-family projects which will be finished by late 2015.

Lake Tahoe

Our Lake Tahoe recreational cabin project is a 4.5 million dollar project and includes construction of 65 recreational cabins on 67 acres of prime Lake Tahoe property.

A lake view of the beautiful Lake Tahoe.

Exceptional Green Living in North Dakota and Nevada (2016)

Golden Eagle Alliance and Blue Phoenix Oil & Gas

  • Create 2 "Camps" for gas & oil drilling sites. To include "Mess-Hall"
  • 20 housing units in North Dakota camp
  • 10 housing units in Nevada camp

Exceptional Green Living in Haiti (2016)

Housing project to include 1,000 shipping container homes.

This project will last five years and be comprised of home building, skilled trade training, job placement and home maintenance training/employment for 1,000 citizens of Haiti.