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Unique, custom designs. Durable construction. Economical - and environmentally friendly. Three Squared Inc. and its proprietary Cargolinc systems offers the building industry a new, smarter way to build. Our revolutionary technology uses steel cargo shipping containers to build eye-catching yet durable homes, office spaces, condominiums, and apartment complexes at nearly half the cost of cookie-cutter construction. Create luxurious structures whose design and style are only limited by your imagination - and not your budget.

Old school construction methods such as lumber and vinyl leave your structure and budget open to any number of disasters and problems. The structure you build looks just like the one down the road. The square footage is limited by the cost. The materials you use to build are vulnerable to natural disasters, pests, and time. The building methods of yesterday limit your possibilities and your return on investment. They represent what you can afford instead of what you can imagine. Drive through the old part of town to see for yourself.

The Three Squared Inc. family builds modern structures using recycable shipping containers to create structures for commercial and residential needs at a fraction of the cost. Our Cargolinc Systems offer exterior strength and durability, keeping you safe from Class 5 Hurricane strength winds. The high gauge steel used to manufacture these containers provides a higher level of energy efficiency not seen in other building methods. TAKE THE TOUR AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. Learn more.