Introducing Cargolinc™ Systems

The Three Squared family is proud to introduce its proprietary Cargolinc Systems as a significant innovation in commercial and mix use construction. Our proprietary Cargolinc™ Systems are comprehensive 3-step processes that accelerate green and sustainable construction with high quality standards at a fraction of the cost. These processes make use of cutting edge technologies to produce durable structures that are trendier, more affordable, and energy efficient than traditional construction.

Three Squared Inc. selects heavy-gauge steel shipping containers that provides dynamic character to design selected by the customer. These containers are fire-resistant and strong enough to withstand earthquakes and hurricanes. Next, we engineer and design each container to be used in construction using our proprietary Cargolinc™ Systems. Each container is engineered for strength and the unique design of the structure being built. Architecture plays a big part in this engineering process to create designs that are unique and visually appealing, yet highly durable and energy efficient.

Cargolinc™ Systems specifically targets the multi-family, mixed use and commercial (hotels, student housing, etc.) in the United States with an eye to being the global leader in the industry over the next few years.

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