About Us

Three Squared, INC is a commercial, residential, and mix used property development market leader in the emerging new modern cargo based construction industry. Rebuilding America through modular living, Three Squared is demonstrating construction can be built to go up faster, be more affordable, and energy efficient.

A Better Approach to New Construction!

Why Three Squared? Because we know that you require three things when you build: money-savings, efficiency, and time! Yet, you also want style. Most new construction can make all these things nearly impossible. It′s cookie-cutter and slow, not to mention expensive. And it lacks a quality that matters to most people: character and style.

Style and Substance

The biggest difference between new construction and historical structures with older architecture IS style. Historical design philosophy dictated that buildings were to be functional and make a statement. Character was required. They had unique qualities, and they told a story. In today′s world, modern construction has become generic and sterile. You choose vinyl or brick. You specify how many rooms. The only story is in how much money you were forced to spend.

Better Quality at Reduced Cost

Three Squared Inc. is different. Our buildings provide the money-savings, efficiency, and time you need. Construction costs an average of half of other building methods. They take a fraction of the time to build, and are more energy efficient than their counterparts because of the high-gauge steel used to build them. What′s more, Three Squared buildings provide an elegant balance of simplicity with built in character and personalized style in each wall. Design is only limited by imagination, not expense. In addition, residents and tenants alike know that their walls have traveled the world and have a story to tell. They′ve seen the ocean, other countries, and stood the test of time.

With all the money you save imagine having:

Places to Live Like This:


Exceptional Green Living on Rosa Parks, Detroit: Container to Condo

Image Credit: Three Squared Inc.


The Sunset Cargotecture House, Seattle: Home Sweet Container

Image Credit: Photo by Thomas J. Story, Sunset Publishing Corp.


Places to Work Like This:

The Box Office, Providence, R.I.: Lego Land

Image Credit: Nat Rea


Places to Hang Out Like This:

Aprisa Mexican Cuisine, Portland, Ore.: A Movable Taqueria

Image Credit: Courtesy of Kirk Lance


Muvbox, Montreal: Take a Break in a Crate

Image Credit: Courtesy of Muvbox